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The recovery process of RAW partition of mobile hard disk.

Fault phenomenon

There is a 1T mobile hard disk on hand, which is divided into three zones and keeps a large amount of data for work.

When a mobile hard disk accesses a computer one day, Windows suddenly prompts that the first partition is not formatted. Do you need to format it?

Obviously I won't de-format, but the partition will not be accessible, the volume label disappears and the size of the partition returns to zero.

As you can see from the Windows disk manager, this partition is recognized as a RAW partition instead of the original NTFS partition, which makes it impossible to access the data inside.

How to solve this problem and restore the original NTFS partition?


First of all, I tested it on other Windows systems. The fault partition is still RAW partition. It is really inaccessible, indicating that the fault is determined.


Next, I started the PE system and ran the DiskGenius tool in it. I found that the fault partition was in good condition, the directory and file were displayed properly, and the volume label was correct (which proved that the DiskGenius tool was more fault-tolerant afterwards).


Once I had a bottom in mind, I scanned the track status of the partition with DiskGenius tool, read it normally and did not encounter any bad track.


Since it's not a hardware problem, it's probably a problem with partition structure-related information.


Repair process


Some tools can be used to fix partition structure-related information, but the Chkdsk tool that comes with Windows is more convenient.

Chkdsk tool needs to run in command prompt, which requires high computer operation.

After entering the command prompt, first enter j:(j is the disc character of the fault partition)

Tips: Files or directories are corrupted and unreadable.

So run Chkdsk j:

It can be seen that there is a problem with the index of NTFS partition.

Run Chkdsk j:/F again

The damaged index was repaired. After repairing, I type J again, and you can see the normal partition file directory:

Call the disk manager to see that the fault partition has returned to normal.


For devices such as mobile hard disks that are repeatedly unplugged, there is a high probability of errors in files and partition data. Windows system has poor fault tolerance to partition structure. When we encounter problems, you can recover raw drive, we should carefully analyze and properly handle them.

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